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Wahyu Wisnu Wardana, M.Sc.


Wahyu holds Master of Policy Economics from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign USA.


Wahyu is a Lecturer at Faculty of Economic and Business, Airlangga University.

Research and Publications

  • Azies, Harun A., & Wardana, W.W. (2021). Analisis Konvergensi Kemiskinan di Tingkat Kabupaten/Kota di Jawa Timur. EJAVEC Journal. (forthcoming)
  • Impact Assessment of Innovative Technology Adoption in Marine Fishery Sector: Evidence from Indonesia. A study in cooperation between Airlangga University and Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN). 2020
  • An Analysis of Government expenditure efficiency in Health Sector in East Java. A study funded by Faculty of Economics and Business, Airlangga University. 2020
  • Covid-19: How will it affect human capital? Op-ed. The Jakarta Post (7 April 2020)
  • Wardana, W. W., & Sari, D. W. (2020). A Study of Poverty Dynamics: Chronic and Transient Poverty in Indonesia. International Journal of Creativity and Change11(9).
  • Wardana, W.W. & Fiddin, E. (2019). Regional Income Convergence Process in East Java: Does Government Policy Matter? Presented in the 6th East Java Economic Forum (EJAVEC) by the Central Bank of Indonesia-East Java
  • How far can poverty alleviation go? Op-ed. The Jakarta Post (13 November 2019)
  • The cost of being migrant workers. Op-ed. The Jakarta Post (4 Mei 2018)
  • Wardana, W.W. (2017). A Study of Dynamic Poverty in East Java: Is Human Capital the Most Appropriate Way in Reducing Poverty? EJAVEC Journal. 01(01)